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My Spiritual Awakening


Peace Love and Light. Hetepu Beautiful Souls

My name is Crystal, and I am the CEO of Roots of Life and The Eye C. I specialize in many things but ultimately, I am a Spiritual Guru who was send to you as a guide on your spiritual path. I am a highly intuitive reader who is skilled in all 5 clairsenses especially clairsentience. I am an Master Shaman, Spiritual Advisor, Energy Healer, Jewelry Crafter and Holistic Coach. On my journey, I always knew something was special about me. I would have experiences in my life that was unexplainable. I would ignore them or even try to justify them. One thing I learned is when you are called to do something, it will always call you.

After going through various traumatic 
experiences in my life, my calling became clearer. I changed my lifestyle and became a Raw Vegan. I focused on my health and healing deep rooted traumas. By healing myself I am now able to heal others. I started to notice a lot of Ancient Kemet (Egyptian) Ideologies were following me. I embarked on a Scared Women Journey, which taught me a lot about womb trauma and the power that a WOMBMAN truly have. I started to develop a greater relationship with the Ancient Deities as well as my ancestor. Most importantly, I found my self. I accepted my journey. I knew it was up to me to help guide others on their spiritual path.

I work with my hands, by crafting and making magic. I am able to channel energy whether through cards or through remote healing practices. I am here to offer my light to you.  I am here to be your friend, your guru to help guide you through your pain, your fears, your confusion on your path of life. By offering my gifts of sight, healing hands, root work and spell work, you will be on the road of true fulfillment. My spirit will help your spirit become alive.  

Although I am American Born, I identify with my African roots and honor my ancestors daily. I give praise and glory to the Ancient Egyptian Deities as they continue to guide my path. I follow these Sacred Practice and seek to become an elder one day. If you are ready, allow me to help guide your way. Eye am just a messenger, but I have a message for you.

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