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Alter Starter Kit Honor thy ancestors

The tools needed to set up your spiritual alter

Comes with ancestor money

Altar Starter Kit| Honor thy Ancestors

$125.00 Regular Price
$100.00Sale Price
  •  The Eye C understand the importance of building an Alter and giving thanks. We put together several different Alter Starter Kit packages together.

    This Altar is to serve your spiritual family and ancestors. To give thanks for the blessings, love and protection that they have provided in your life. 

    Instructions are included for Altar set up. You can also visit my Youtube channel for how to set up an Altar. Youtube: TheEyeC


    • 1/2 yard of yellow solid cotton fabric
    • 1 feather
    • 1 oz of sand & 1 SeaShell
    •  1 oz of fire salt
    • 1-small Ankh charm (size do not matter)
    •  1- 1oz Alter Oil
    • 1- white tea light candle
    •  1-  Sage Smudge of choice
    •   1- 1oz Angelic Aura Spray
    • 3 stones that represent your alters energy (Clear Quartz, Citrine, Onyx)
    • 1 Ancestor Money (for Offerings)


    Great Add on for Altar: Any Wand, Any Pendant for personal wear. Visit store for other items.

    No changes to package will be made. 

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