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The Eye C

Distorted Creative Jewelry

Great Jewelry for locs and braids

Hair Jewelry|Carnelian & Onyx with Cowrie Shell

  • ****All healing stone items***

    Cowrie Shells:

    • Brings Prosperity, good fortune & money
    • Brings wealth and good luck
    • Brings fertility, birth and sexuality
    • Represents Goddess protection and feminine energy

    Carnelian-Stone of motivation and endurance. Brings leadership, creativity, success& courage. Restore vitality & strength. Promotes life choices.

    Onyx- The warrior stone. Helps to release & just let it all go. Brings protection & calmness. Provides strong intuitive guidance. Absorb & transform negative energy.

    Wrapped in colored copper.



    Small- Chop stick width

    Medium- Average Pen width

    Large- Average sharpie width

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