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Powerful Orgonite AshTray| Citrine, Dollar Pieces, Clear Quartz, Feather Charm, Cowrie Shell, Copper, Yellow ResinChakra: Solar Plex Creative Distorted Art The Eye C

Citrine Golden Ticket Money AshTray|Powerful Orgonite

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  • Citrine:

    • The Money Stone
    • Helps heal the spiritual self
    • Powerful cleanser and regenerator
    • Balance emotions
    • Release negative traits
    • Promote motivation, creativity and self expression
    • It helps to get things done

    Chakra : Solar Plex


    Known as the universal energy. A combination of vital energy in different forms. A powerful generator tool which transmutes deadly orgones into positive orgones to rearrange and direct energy flow. Send negative energy back out. Some deadly Orgones are microwaves, cell towers, Chemtrails, HAARP. EMF Radiation and Diseases. Although they differ, each Orgonite from TheEyeC have a Magnet, Quartz and Copper. Time to protect yourself fully with these one-of-a-kind Generators!

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