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Hot like Fire The benefits of this wand is fiery. If you was pulled to this wand then you may have a lot of Fire in your energy chart. Review Item description for more information

TheWANDS| "Hot, like fire" (Fire Wand)

$125.00 Regular Price
$100.00Sale Price
  •  The top is a Carnelian point, a magnet, the ankh, Citrine, Fire Agate and Red Jasper at the bottom.

    Can you feel the heat? Can you feel the intense fire energy? Very strong Earth and Fire Energy! This wand will help you take action in life. It is great for energy, creativity, security, vitality, power & sexuality. It brings balance and clarity. It allows you to feel wholeness and tranquility. The wand removes energy blockers and helps you overcome fear. This wand will also build a protective shield around the body, and bounce back any negativity to the source. It will help you recall your dreams. It detox your body, increase metabolism and increase the heart and blood vessel. The wand will also light up your sexual power by increasing your sexual vitality, stamina, circulation and imbalances. You are hot like Fire… Spicy!

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