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The Eye C 4 Oz Amber Glass Bottle

Embrace your inner magic

A sensual, alluring powerful love attracting mist

.With essential oils, herbs and crystals blended. This is a must have!

Love Me More Aura Mist (Alluring Love Mist) 4oz

  • Love Me More Aura Spray (Love Mist)

    (Attract love to you)


    With the sensual blend of Holy water, Holy oil, Rose Quartz, Herbs and essential oils this highly powered aura spray will bring love into your life!It is seductive yet still calming and balanced. It will make you attractive and desirable. Yet still shield you and protect you.  Be careful not to make them fall in love.

    Eat your heart out with this love potion.


    • 4 oz. amber bottles
    • Easy to carry with you
    • Use in home, office, car or even outside
    • Spray on you directly, in your space or simply in front of you and walk through the amazing ambiance
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