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The Eye C 1Oz Amber Glass Bottle

Embrace your inner magic

A powerful, spiritual and clearing mist. You will not be disappointed.

Palo Santo Clearing Aura Mist (Powerful) 1oz

  • Palo Santo Clearing Mist 

    (Clear, cleanse and protect your Nergy)


    With the purifying blend of Holy water, Holy oil, Black Tourmaline, Herbs and essential oils this highly powered aura spray will bring blessings into your life! Repel evil, purify, cleanse. Protect yourself and energy field with this mild yet vibrant scent.


    • 1oz. amber bottles
    • Easy to carry with you
    • Use in home, office, car or even outside
    • Spray on you directly, in your space or simply in front of you and walk through the amazing ambiance
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