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The Eye C

Embrace your inner magic:

Potent Magic Potion

Palo Santo Protection Oil

Palo Santo Protection Oil Magic Potion 10ml

  • Protection Oil

    Protect yourself with this potent oil

    10ml Glass Bottle


    Time to embrace your magic and be protected with this powerful protection oil. This potion is intense, it repel evil, purifies and cleanse your aura. You can place the oil on your chakra points, your pressure points, palms, sole of your feet or candles. Can you feel the magic?

    (Ingredients: Jojoba & holy oil, essential oils, palo santo, money, crystals.)

    • Easy to carry with you
    • Use on your palms, sole of your feet or wear it as a fragrance
    • Put it on your money, use it daily, put on your palms before you place lottery or to the casino
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