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The Eye C

Embrace your inner magic

1oz Lemon & Rosemary Aura Mist

Easy Energy: Lemon and Rosemary Aura Mist 1oz

  • Take it Easy

    Aura Spray Mist

    (Rosemary & Lemon)

    1 oz Amber Glass Jar


    Take a deep breath and just breathe. Do your feel a little stressed, down maybe even a little ill? If so this Aura spray is calling you. The Rosemary and Lemon combination is a great stress reliever. It boost any mood, refresh, energize and uplift. It also helpsprovides immunity support, a flow of circulation and increase of brain function.

    • Easy to carry with you
    • Use in home, office, car or even outside
    • Spray on you directly or simply in front of you and walk through the amazing ambiance 


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