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3rd Eye Powerful Energy Blue Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Pyrite, Evil Eye and Clear Quartz Crown

Distorted Creative Art

TheCROWNS| Blue Aventurine 3rd Eye Copper Headband Crown

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  • Blue Aventurine:

    • Stone of growth, knowledge, love and compassion
    • Encourage you to express your thoughts and ideas
    • Supports you in your spiritual journey and strengthen your intution
    • Protects you and keeps stress and anxiety away
    • Chakra: Third Eye and Throat

    Clear Quartz: 

    • The Ulitamet healing Stone
    • Brings project and clarity
    • unites your physical and spiritual self
    • Chakras: All

    Evil Eye Charm:

    • Gives you sight
    • protects you angainst jealousy
    • Brings good fortune

    Lapis Lazuli:

    • Brings strength and courage, royalty and wisdom, intellect and truth.
    • Helps to enhance self respect and harmony within
    • Keep negative energies away
    • Chakra: Throat


    • Brings money and good luck into your life
    • Powerful manfestation stone
    • Great for prosperity, abundance and protection
    • Strong earth and fire energy
    • Brings action, boldness and vitality
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