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This is a very powerful staff. This staff will bring in abundance, wealth, prosperity and good fortune. This staff will enhance one’s energy, will power and confidence. This wand will protect you against negative energy, 5G radiation pollution and evil eye/envy from others. This staff will allow you to see things clearly. By bringing you clarity and insight. This staff will bring a calming, healing, loving divine energy. It can help you bring in your personal power and replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Helps to declutter your energy field especially around the heart space. Helps to bring in love and balance in both love and business matters. This Staff will enhance your creativity, motivation and self expression. The feathers symbolize trust, honor, strengthen, wisdom, power and freedom. Time to claim and affirm all of this powerful abundant energy. You will Prosper, speak it positively into your life.

TheWANDS|Exclusive| The Prosper|55 in Ultimate Prosperity Staff

  • No Returns Accepted

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